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Getting Started

Now that you have officially been assigned a case, here's what to expect.

First, you will receive a court order assigning you to the case.  This will outline your responsibility, and states the information to which you have access.  Always keep a copy of this with you, as you will need it to request documents or to speak with those involved in the case.

Next, you'll get started with investigating and information gathering.  Please use the CASA Data Sheet to the right.  You can also find it in Word and PDF format here.  After you have completed this form, please submit it to me.  You can bring it by the office, complete it on this page, submit it by email, or fax it to me.

Each case is different, but your role in each one is the same - advocating for the child's best interest.  Use your training to navigate you to the next step.  Speak with family members, teachers, case workers, therapists - whoever you need to in order to get a complete picture of the case.  Keep clear, fact-based notes when making visits or reviewing documents - this will help you when you begin writing your court report.

On the last Thursday of the month, you will send me the Monthly Update Form, and the Monthly Time/Mileage Log.  You can submit that via the online form, by email, by fax, or you can simply bring it by the office.

When the time comes for court, you will need to submit a court report.  You can do that via the online form, by email, by fax, or you can bring it by the office.  Remember to keep this objective and fact-based.  I will review it, and either suggest edits, or approve and sign it.

Beyond that, it is your job to monitor the case throughout its entirety, submit monthly forms, submit court reports, and attend court hearings.

Above all, don't get overwhelmed!  I am here to help and support you.


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